Final report: Nepal

The Common Threads Nepal program was initially piloted with a group of Pakistani refugees living in Kathmandu. After the completion of Phases I and II of the Common Threads program with the pilot group, Jamuna Maharjan and Indira Pradha of TPO Nepal launched a new iteration of the Common Threads program in May 2016 with … Continue reading Final report: Nepal

Stories in Cloth: Silvia

Silvia fled her home after an attack on her village by paramilitary forces in Colombia. She joined a Common Threads Project group with other women in the refugee settlement. Silvia created a story cloth that revealed what troubled her most about her circumstances.

Stories in Cloth: Maria

In 2010, Maria’s teenage daughter was raped and murdered. Stunned, and fearing for her own life, Maria nonetheless managed to escape Colombia and flee to Ecuador. There she also lacked the safety needed for grieving; Maria remained frozen in silence. When she joined Common Threads Project, she did not speak or make eye contact.

Phase I Report: Nepal

Report prepared by: Indira Pradhan Jamuna Maharjan Sarita Shrestha & Sophie Sheehan TPO Nepal Baluwatar Kathmandu