Evidence demonstrates that Common Threads Project promotes psychological recovery for survivors of SGBV

Improving self-regulation, daily coping skills and self-care helps to build confidence and instill the sense that one can be in control of oneself and one’s future. The shattered self-esteem and depleted sense of agency that can result from severe violations of human rights are rebuilt through the group process. Instead of feeling ashamed, powerless, and socially isolated, survivors develop self-respect, affirm their strengths, and restore their capacity for effectiveness in the world.

Going beyond the medical model of trauma treatment, CTP helps women to develop voice and agency in response to their situation. A key element in CTP recovery is channeling a constructive response to injustice as women learn to stand up against violence in their own lives, in the lives of others, and help to promote human rights and justice in their communities. Having achieved their own recovery, these women can become the strongest advocates for prevention of SGBV.

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